Monday, November 20, 2017

Trusty Leather Saddlebags For Horses Only Get Better With Time

I have been enjoying doing some horseback riding for a few years now. It is something that I got into after moving to a new area with the mountains and the water all around me. I just had to try some horseback riding and to enjoy the scenic views while doing it. I have really been hooked ever since I got out and started riding for the first time.
Finding some great riding accessories has been a must for me so that I can enjoy staying organized for the whole day. I love to go on some outings that last for many hours or even for a whole day. It is fun to go do some horseback riding with my boyfriend on the weekends, for example. We can spend the whole day outdoors.
Getting some leather saddlebags for horses ensures that I can have the timeless style and the durability that I am looking for. I love to get some leather saddlebags because they only get better with time and they are great for enjoying ride after ride. They develop character over the years and it is nice to have them for a day’s journey. I love having some reliable organization with the saddlebags.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


We have had a long haul to get to this point and when we are finished we will have a great web site.  We are selling Tought 1 / Silver Royal / Kelly Silver Star / Australian Outrider / Silver Fox / Royal King / King Series / Equi Royal / Comfort Riders / Gift Corral  and these are to name the main brands to be found here at  When we get all the items up we will have of course a Grand Opening Sale, I can not wait till that day comes, and I hope it soon.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Horse Illustrated Magazine

One of my favorite Magazine is Horse Illustrated Magazine.  In Horse Illustrated, you will learn how to care for your horse. This magazine will give you the scoop about health, nutrition, behavior, breeding and equine training (Western and English) from top breeders and professionals in the field. Informative articles keep you in the saddle with the latest products and riding tips.  

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Essential Horse Grooming Supplies

Grooming your horse is important both for everyday hygiene and to get her coat and mane in tip-top condition if you are entering a horse show or competition.

In order to groom your horse effectively, you'll need to invest in a few horse grooming supplies that are specially designed for the job.

Curry Comb - The curry comb is the first tool you'll use in everyday grooming. It is a brush that slips over your hand and has plastic or rubber teeth that are used to loosen hairs and dirt from the horse's coat. This tool should be used by brushing in vigorous circular motions all over the horse's body

Dandy Brush - A dandy brush is used to remove all the loose hairs and dirt that were dislodged by the curry comb. This is a hard-bristled brush that can be used on the body but it is too harsh for the face and legs. You should brush in short strokes, in the direction the fur grows.

Body Brush - The third and final brush is a soft brush that is used to remove fine particles and add shine to the coat. You can use this brush all over the horse's body but be careful around the eyes and muzzle.

Grooming Rag - A rag or towel made from terrycloth or similar material can be used damp to clean the horse's face and dry to add extra shine to the coat.

Mane comb - After you have cleaned and brushed the horse's coat, her mane and tail should be combed through with a wide-toothed comb. The tail should be brushed in small sections to avoid tangling.

Hoof Pick - Stones, nails, and other foreign objects that get caught in the horse's hooves can cause lameness. A hoof pick is used to remove them and clean out dirt and other debris. Hoof picking is especially important for horses wearing shoes.

Shedding Blade - Winter hair and dried mud can be removed with a special metal tool called a shedding blade. This type of tool can cause irritation and should be used with care.

Sweat Scraper - A sweat scraper can be used to remove excess water from the horse's coat after bathing. This also helps the horse to cool down quickly and effectively.

Scissors and Clippers - Scissors can be used to trim long hairs and to cut the tail if necessary. Electric clippers are very helpful to remove a horse's thick winter coat and small clippers can be used from trimming the ears and legs.

Hoof Dressing and Polish - Hoof dressing is a protective coating that can be applied to the hooves to prevent them from dying out and cracking. Hoof polish in clear or black colors is used to improve the look of the hooves before a show or competition.

Horses usually enjoy grooming, though it is important to stand in a position to avoid being kicked and avoid grooming sensitive areas too vigorously. Horses may also nip while being groomed. This is not an aggressive gesture, rather a social grooming technique that would normally be used with other horses.